Wednesday, March 19, 2008

School Part Duex

Since I had a school post about my son yesterday, now it is time for my daughter. This afternoon the kids got together with their fifth grade reading buddies.....syd has had the same buddy all year. The fifth grader is really nice and made her a Christmas present and today they made an easter basket to hide for their buddies.

So syd has told me throughout the year that when her reading buddy reads to her she often cannot read the book that has been chosen. She often misspells words when they write notes to each other. So today she tells me that her buddy (5th grader) could not spell the word pine and had written pin instead. My daughter is so sweet and did not tell her, but the other kids around noticed and were talking about it.

Wow! I am a little suprised that they did not pair their buddies a little better, but the idea is great and I am glad that syd has these experiences that show her how to treat others.