Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hard Decision = Blessings

This last year I made the decision not to help with awana this year. It was a hard decision. I love that program, but I felt God's calling to step down, that He would direct my path this year if I trusted in him. Last year was a tough year for me physically and emotionally. Lots of family stuff that I still have a hard time revisiting. I did not realize the stress that I was under last year and how much it was affecting me, until everything started to calm down and I could look back and see all the affects.

This year instead of helping in awana, Thad and I have been able to go out on some dates together. It has been nice, just the two of us, a chance to reconnect. Plus I have been able to start bringing two other kids to awana as well. I see that as a blessing from God. I feel like I am right in line with His plan. If my car were bigger I could bring a couple others as well.

School has been my area of impact this year. I have been able to speak to parents about Upward and Awana. I talked to many families about playing Upward this year, some had never have been to church or even thought about it. Of course it was not that hard to talk them into playing, because they had all heard about the program. I have another family that wants to start awana this year, but softball practice is in the way. I have a boy that is going to start next year...he is switching to our church next more child to bring! This is all just by being there and talking to people. I don't hunt people fact they seek me out.

I have made some serious connections at the school. Syd's teacher came to one of her bball games to watch the team, which had 4 players from our school. She is not a christian, but she has now seen it and Sydnie really lives it(ie: the b**bie story). haha. Another staff has a niece that played and she was impacted by Upward. And because these women know that I am involved they talk to me about it. They both gushed over the positive aspects of Upward and how much they appreciate that there is an organization that is teaching in a positive and uplifting way.

I see the blessings from my decision, because I followed the Lords will and I am thankful that He has provided me eyes to see and ears to hear. I still do not know where God has me for next year........there has been no lightening or soft voices.......I just wait for the guiding and seek His will.


Teresa said...

Way to go girl!!! God really does meet us where we are at and only He can create that peace and understanding as we stay in His perfect plan for our lives! You are a testament to everyone around you; just look at the amazing impact you are having at the school! What an inspiration to me as we start the school process next year! :)

Sanctification said...

I know what you mean about looking back and finally seeing the stress/unwell-ness.... It's weird. I'm glad that God's using you to acknowledge and spread the word about upward, because when I think about myself, I always want to do that but I just don't seem to have any opportunities. -Michele