Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's a Tuesday

**So this week is spring break and there is no spring about it. I woke up this morning and it was frozen outside. It was 32 degrees....what is up with that! and to top it all off, the cat was outside all night and was at the back door meowing as loud as an alarm clock, waking me up at 6:30am. I think he has finally thawed out.

**The kids are watching snow buddies for about the 100th time this morning. They saw a preview for this movie about a month ago and it took that long for it to get here from netflix. it must a popular movie with the kidlets. I think we will have to send it back today, I need some movies to watch.

**The kids are going to workout with me this morning. I have never seen sydnie so excited. I guess my mom told them that I was able to join the gym and they are ready to go. haha. i told syd that she was not going to come in the workout room with me, but she got to go and play with all the kids. she was okay with that.

**In the four days my kids were gone........I only scrapped 6 pages. But that is more than I have done in a long time. It takes a while to get the groove back, plus I am just not in love with it like I used to be. In fact the thought crossed my mind that it is time to make one family album per year. I end up doing the same pages for each of their albums...just change the colors or the name, but they are the same pages! Why not just do one big album...then they don't have to haul away 20 albums by the time they are 20. This type of thinking was like sacrilige to me a couple of years ago, but now....i see the logic. I must be growing up as a scrapper! ha ha.

**Thanks to kim for being my excuse to make my favorite carrot cake last night. By the way....I did have a little slice when you guys left....shhhhhh. I pretty sure that I paid for it all night, everytime I rolled over, I could literally feel the cream cheese frosting turning into fat.

**Wait now it is sunny outside! Hopefully it will warm up today and be nice outside.