Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another Great Story

So a couple of weeks ago I picked syd and her friend up from school and as we walked home in the beautiful sunshine they told me all about the health video they watched that day. Val was explaining how she almost passed out when she saw the blood and had to run to the bathroom to get some water. They told me that they had a substitute that day (my mind rushed back to the drill sargeant). But then they started telling me about how the lady was naked in the video and that you could see her b**bies and butt. That the video had zoomed in on her b**bies to show the skin, but that you could see them. And how the woman was posing with her hands behind her head and you could see her naked body. I asked the girls many questions to see if they were just exagerating, but they were both consistent in their answers....oh boy.

Now if it had just been sydnie telling me I probably would have just casually brought it up to her teacher the next morning.....like you are never gonna believe what syd said yesterday. But since it was both girls and there had been a sub.....I called my girlfriend and we agreed that I should at least call and clarify that it was not something else.

Given that I have a relationship with the principal, I called and asked to clarify what had been on the video, letting him know that if syd's teacher had been there I would not be calling I would talk to her directly, but with the sub issue...I thought I better call. Now this is when it gets good. As I was talking to the principal......I said the word b**bies about 5 times in this conversation. I am so smooth! That is what happens when you listen to a couple of 8 year olds! I hung up the phone with him and instantly started to regret using the "b" word, why couldn't I have said chest! When he called back I listened to him explain that he could see where some kids would think it was bad (cuz he skimmed the video himself, since it was a sub) and we hung up.

That afternoon I had a blast tellingmy friends my embarassing moment from that day....called my SIL and left her message that said "i got to say the word b**bies to the principal today, about 5 times." She called back that evening and we laughed about it.

Then the next morning came and suddenly I felt embarrased over the situation...but they are my kids and I have a right! So as I walked into school I walked past the principals office (flashes of sitting in his office in trouble passed in front of my numskull brain). Syd's teacher and I talked and laughed and laughed some more. Have I said she is cool. Anyway...then she tells me that by the time she got to school everyone knew that she had shown p*rn in class!! ha ha. By the time the principal talked to her, she already knew and then she says...mr G came up to me this morning and said "rochelle called yesterday and said b**bies to me!!!!" I was dying inside. So of course being the brave, get it over with type of woman I am....I found mr G. We laughed and it was all good.

So now occasionally I will find syd's teacher and quietly say chickamowmow!!! and she calls me the b**bie momma!

Life is full of good stories and I had to share this one. It is humbling and made me laugh and a good lesson in how we have to protect our kids and stand up for them. (even if for the next 5 years I will be the b**bie momma to syd's teacher)


Teresa said...

I am laughing as I read this WONDERFULLY FUNNY story! Thanks for sharing and making the rest of us silly mommies feel normal. :)

buhtafly said...

that is hilarious! I cant stop laughing out loud!!! classic!!

So...what on earth was this video and what was it about that it was showing b00bies?