Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Tuesday is my day to volunteer in my sons classroom and I was struck by a revelation today in the middle of the kindergarten classroom. My son is not like my daughter! Now I have known this, don't get me wrong......but today it came in crystal clear that he will be my child that school is an issue.

I have been working with him at home...writing his sight words, reading his sight words, reading, math, etc. But when he gets into class he totally freezes up. Maybe it is because I am working with him. But he will pretend like he cannot read, he forgets words and adds extra words in. Now let me also say that in the time that I have worked with him at home he has taken off...he is an excellent reader and he is good at reading. His report cards are always excellent. His teacher praises how good he is, he does his stuff and does not misbehave. Although she did put him at a table of all girls and he is now talking a lot more and is distracted, because all the girls love noah and talk to him. I questioned the wisdom of that decision, since he is a casanova.

This is just something I have noticed about him. In kinder they have reading groups and noah started in the highest and is now in the middle. (and I know that he is better than this, but he does not try in class) Nothing wrong with middle. But it is funny because if it was my daughter I would expect her to be in the top and she always has been. I expect it from my son too, but part of me says, well he is a boy! Not an excuse....but he is a bit of a daydreamer. He is my child who, when I ask him to pick something up or get his shoes on, next thing I know he is doing something completely different.

Just a musing from me today. Just a thought for me to ponder. Just a "wow, i better start pushing him more or her less" thought. Just a mommy moment that i felt needed to be shared. Because even though we all say we will never do this stuff, like compare, we do. But we love them the same.


buhtafly said...

You know, Haley is doing the same thing...I know she knows how to read..write words etc..but when she brings things home I am like "what does this say??" she adds extra letters and stuff in there. It doesnt make sense. And I hear ya on the table full of girls...Haley is at a table full of boys..can you say Boy Crazy? haha Its nuts! haha

Amy said...

Funny how siblings can be so different. I have noticed this with my school-aged nieces and nephews. It's fun to watch their little personalities and tendencies develop!

PS I tagged you!