Saturday, March 01, 2008

A New Skill

So I admit that beyond scrapbooking (which I never do anymore) I am not a crafty person and I am fine with that. I have lived my non-existent craft-free life for quite awhile now and I am satisfied. I admire women who can knit some adorable hat and I am a little jealous of the cute felted bags that were popular a year ago. So when my friend invited me over for a learn how to knit day, I thought to myself....."I really need some adult time, who cares about the knitting."

So I was hysterical. I felt like an old woman. I had to squint my eyes to see what the heck our teacher was showing us. I needed glasses. I also had to learn by doing it, many times!!! But in the end I finally caught on and took my project home to work on throughout the next month. I found myself looking at my little bag with the yarn and needles, dreading it. How am "I" going to get through a whole skein of yarn in a month? Plus everytime I picked it up I could tell that I was picking up extras along the way and my scarf was getting rather wide.

It has been two weeks since I made this commitment to knitting. I had gotten a good 5 inches into my scarf. I even took it to events to work on while I was waiting for kids or husband (I had crossed over to the dark side). Last night my friend told me I should rip out the whole blasted thing and start over so that my scarf was not wavy from extras. So I did and I started over. While I was waiting for Thad to get home and watching a movie, I knit it back to about 4 inches. Not too bad for someone who is not crafty!
Even in my old age I can say that I learned a new life skill. Now of course my daughter wants me to knit her webkinz scarfs!!! Oh my...I am a lifer now.


imacootie said...

Now you have to teach me! I want to learn to knit! I just want to make cute hats. =)

Amy said...

I learned to knit from my MIL after I had drank a Rum and Coke!! haha!!! Once you get it down you can make so many neat things. I was able to knit a hat, some baby mittens, and a monkey...pattern was for a bear, but it didn't look like it when I finished!!...for Malachi that he just loves. So much fun. I like having something to do while you are watching TV or just relaxing. Good Luck!!