Tuesday, June 30, 2009

we are here!!!

so the plan was to tell the children that we were going tent shopping today and that we were going to head to portland for the day and if we could not find one there, we would head to washington to this "tent" store we had heard about. the kids were told to grab their ds's, a book and a craft to do in the car so that they would not get bored. we told them that we packed our lunch so that we could have a picnic somewhere and if they were good we had somewhere special we wanted to stop. they did not even question us. they were excited to go over the bridge into washington and they were happy to get a chance to play their ds's uninterrupted for a couple of hours. sydnie wanted to know why we were going to the washington "tent" store first, but she totally bought into our story. finally we took our exit and i asked the kids if they were getting bored of being in the car? they replied yes and i told them that we were finally at our destination. they both looked up right as the great wolf lodge came into view! they both screamed and immediately starting saying thank you mom and dad for bringing us here!!!!


Bree said...

That rocks!!! They have the best parents EVER!!! I hope you guys have a blast!!!!!