Tuesday, June 30, 2009

amazing marketing

willy the wolf

bear paw

this place really has their marketing down......solid and it is all directed at kids. first their is the ice cream/goodie shop.....full of everything your little heart could desire. then their is the slurpee machine!!!!!! holy moly, my kids wanted a $6.00 slurpee.........i told them they could mix their own flavors at target for $1.50!!! Then their was the girls spa, it was adorable inside, but at $50.00 for a mani or a pedi we decided to skip that. the list just keeps going on and on. the one thing we did decide to splurge on was a huge dessert for the four of us. while we were out on our wand quest we looked at one of the menu's for the restauraunts and saw this awesome campfire dessert. it was not really worth ten dollars, since it was basically a mountain of whip cream, but it was a memory and the kids had fun sitting in the restauraunt and shooting things with their wands.