Tuesday, June 30, 2009

beartrack landing

ready to get soaked?

syd and noah in the middle of the big splash

noah trying to pull water onto me

relaxing for a brief moment before heading down another slide

super excited and happy

sydnie on alberta falls

noah on alberta falls

so we spent the better part of 6 hours swimming after we arrived at GWL. We headed straight to the big splash playstructure and slid down the slides there, but decided to move onto bigger and better things........alberta falls, river run and tornado!!! it is amazing how time can go so quickly when you are swimming and having fun. i will admit for me personally it took a few minutes to be comfortable going down the bigger slides, because i am not comfortable with heights and you have to climb stairs to get to them. but once i went down the first time it was easy. noah and i did alberta falls together and syd and thad went down together. each time we hit the pool at the end both of the kids would fly off the end and into the pool while we floated over the top of them on the intertube. by the time 6 hours had went by we were starving and ready to eat some pizza and figure out the rest of our evening. i was feeling a little water logged and the kids were anxious to start the magicquest adventure.

(ps - decided to just take my point and shoot into the water park in case i got wet. it was hard to not get wet and the lighting in there was horrible. but my camera survived and i got a few shots to prove we were there)