Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"the club"

this summer we signed the whole family up to go to the courthouse gym! the kids have the opportunity to go swimming whenever i feel like taking them and thad and i can use the workout gear and take classes. but i will be honest and tell you that as i sat out at the pool last summer and this year...i suddenly was hit by a memory. when i was a kid i always wanted to be "that" kid who got to go to a private pool or have summer vacations where you went to sunriver or black butte. i never grew up doing those things and i question myself i want my kids growing up feeling that they are privileged? do i want my kids to think that they get everything they want?

i watch these young kids who go to the club and most of them don't know what it means to be privileged, they just know they get to swim whenever they want. but once you hit middle and high does make a difference. i don't want to have little snobs on my hands, but we have been blessed to have this membership and i really hate to lose it. i guess it is my job to make sure they understand that we are not about this world, but we are blessed to be able to do somethings and we need to have the right heart and attitude about it.