Friday, June 12, 2009

last day

i think he was a little excited about the ice cream!

the last day of school. always something to look forward to, obsess over and anticipate when will it be summer???? NO MORE SCHOOL!!!! well that day was today. there were lots of parties, breakfast out at a restaurant, lots of schoolwork to bring home and sort through..... and lots and lots of memories to carry you through the summer. i cannot believe that i am the mother of a second and fourth grader now!!! where did the time go.

it was a great year in so many ways. maturity, managing some stresses, learning to cope with mom working, maturity and finally maturity!!! i feel so priveleged that my kids attend an awesome school where the staff loves and values each kid individually. that they are heard and listened too and that their opinions matter. that they have learned to be amazing readers and been allowed to grow in leadership and individual talents.

thank you teachers for all you do for kids!