Monday, June 01, 2009

sinking of the titanic

we were able to take the kids to the titanic traveling exhibit that was in our town this last week and thank goodness we had VIP passes so our wait was short and sweet. It was interesting to see how some of the artifacts were completely intact, pieces of paper that still had handwriting on them. there were socks and a jacket that looked brand new, it really was amazing. thad was fascinated with the bolts and pieces of the ship that were found. the kids were fascinated with finding with exhibit had climate control in it.

the kids had read the magic tree house book about titanic so they knew the premise behind the story and they knew that not very many people made it out of the atlantic ocean alive. so at the beginning of the tour, they gave each person a boarding pass with a real passengers name on it and at the very end you were able to read whether you lived or died. sydnie and i survived, both of the boys died on the ship that fateful night. the great thing about going was seeing the interest of my children piqued. they wanted to check out books about the titanic and read more interesting facts about it. then of course they knew that there is a movie, so they wanted to watch that. i told them that we would try and get our hands on the discovery titanic expedition video so that they could see what really happened.


Teresa said...

That looks and sounds neat!