Sunday, June 14, 2009

girly, girly fun

blurry, but i love their smiles


bff's in their little ae outfits

she is a goofball, but i love her

stormtrooper glasses

the bangles

as syd would say "yo, hippy, hippy yo!"

shutter shades

as we sat in claire's waiting for sydnie's ear piercing, we took some time to try on all the fun accessories and take some pictures. the girls had such a good time just being silly and trying stuff on. i don't normally go to claire's too much.....we have so much jewelry and lipstick and we make it a special treat to go there and pick something out. so it was extra special for syd that i let her try stuff on!!! ( i know, i am mean)

after we left claire's we headed over to american eagle and syd was super excited to see if she could fit into anything in there. the sweater she is wearing is from ae and she loves it. so we decided to have a little fashion show. we only took in one outfit, matching of course. the girls were a little hesitant to come out and take pix together, but they still had a blast. they both wanted to buy the scarves. it was just a fun afternoon of silliness and being a girl.


kim said...

girls are so fun!!