Monday, June 08, 2009

my heart is laughing

noah brought this home today from school, a story written for his final report card. he could write about something he knew about or a family member, his choice will tell you his priorities and who adores and worships!!!

sydnie, sydnie is my sister. she is shy.i love her but sometimes she hurts me. i played nerf with her and i had fun. and she is 9 years old. she is pretty. she and me a.k.a. we love penguins. she had to make a dinosaur out of clay last year a.k.a. 2008

my heart seriously exploded in laughter while i read this and my eyes welled a little with tears of joy, knowing that he looks up to her and cherishes her. this is definetely a piece of writing that will stay in our school memory box!


Teresa said...

ADORABLE!!!!! :) That is a keeper! :) Thanks for sharing

Jules said...

That is so sweet! Obvious evidence that you guys are doing a great job with those kids!