Tuesday, June 16, 2009

books, books and more books

on tuesday julanne and i ran up to the scholastic warehouse sale in pdx. the sale is designed to liquidate titles that they used in sales this year and won't be using next year...so typically everything is 50% off! last year we totally scored and got a whole box full of books and i only paid $40.00! but i am pretty sure that the guy took an additional 50% at the very end.....which meant that i got books for $1/$2.

this year was a little better because we knew what to expect, but there were so many books! I was excited to buy book two and three in the 39 clues series, we have been reading book one at our house and the kids love it. then i had my hands on the "land of elyon" series, but they were still going to be $5.00 a piece...i decided to check them out at the library instead.

i was super excited that syd chose some books that were different than her normal cat or dog books! i kept handing her books to check out the back of and she kept saying yes. needless to say i had to make some decisions when we got to the end. i put back several cookbooks that i had my hands on, but ended up keeping my paula dean calender (that had recipes) for $1.00!!! I also bought book 6 in the harry potter series!

noah got lots of educational books....volcanoes, 7 wonders of the world, 50 states and i ended up putting back his beloved star wars comic because it was only 25% off. he also got some geronimo stilton and stink books! he kept picking up books and handing them to julanne and telling her that her boys would like to read this!!! oh boy. he was super excited too.

it was an expensive day, but one i was looking forward too. now my kids don't need to go to summer library to check out books...........we have so may here!!! but both of my kids love to read, so it is worth it.


Jules said...

Books are so awesome! I have to tell my kids to stop reading sometimes!

Teresa said...

I think it is awesome that books are something your kids love!!! Sounds like an awesome sale and something to be proud of spending your $$ on!!! :)