Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the state of play

this morning i was talking to my son. he is seven. he is all boy, but yet sensitive. he is completely obsessed with his new lego battles ds game. i know this about him. i know that when he gets a new game, he needs a solid week of playing before it gets out of his system. noah finally returns about 8 days in. he comes out of his video game coma and rejoins the land of the living. i accept that and have learned that i am fine with him playing non-stop for a couple of days......as long as he rejoins us.

so back to this morning. noah and i were talking about the fact that i did not want him to take his ds in the car today while we drove to portland with ben and evan. he then proceeds to tell me that he would share his ds. he is very good at sharing. he would show them how to play and that he shared yesterday with his friend karston. i told him that i wanted him to have some time to talk to his friends, have conversations...not just have their nose in a ds the whole time. he looks me straight in the eye and tells me that that is for adults....boys just want to play, like legos, video games and forts. not talk!!!!!

i thought it was absolutely adorable and frankly the truth!!!


Teresa said...

I love that even at such a young age they know...seriously, that is such a boy comment and pretty true. :) Love it!