Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a pile of memories

you all know that i am a scrapbooker.....but i have not scrapped in two years! i have done the occasional picture here or there, but i had not printed any photos in years! when costco ran their 9 cent pix sale a month ago i spent hours pouring over photos and picking which ones i wanted to scrapbook. i was rewarded with a huge pile of photos sitting on my desk, torturing me with the desire to scrapbook again. everytime i walk into the art room i feel them calling to me. begging me to let my creative spirit out! but they have had to wait as life has been busy and i have been tired. but today, today starts the creative bent. the inner me. the walk down memory lane. i am going to tackle this pile of family memories and i will scrapbook again! let's see how far i get, i only have two days to really dig and tackle it. but the way i see it is once i sit down and let the juices flow, the easier it will be to just sit down any time and work.