Tuesday, June 02, 2009

so sad

why oh why do people feel that celebrity is the only way to have an amazing life? do they not see the treasure that is stored up for us in His life, His word, His Grace?

this last week i have watched the jon&kate+8 premiere episode several times, because they just kept rerunning it! as i sat to watch it monday night, i had tears in my eyes for this family who i feel part of. i feel like i have watched their kids grow up and let's face it, they invited us into their lives. i had tears rolling down my face as i watched their anger and resentment towards one another. as they try to keep this from affecting their children, but nothing can shield them from the breakup of a marriage. i kept looking for some shred of hope, some glimmer of peace, but i found none. it broke my heart in so many ways.

i would say that marriage is one of the toughest things in the world to navigate. we all have resentments and negative reactions to events that happen, but it is also wrapped up in how much you respect your spouse...will you persevere or cave into the worldy view of divorce.

i won't get into the details of who is the worst spouse or this or that........but i will say that these two people opened their lives in a sincere way at the beginning of this journey. to share the viewpoint of parents with multiples. but now it seems to be more about the celebrity.......how can we make more money in order to support our family, instead of relying on God to support and finding the courage to stop the show in order to rely on Him more.

my heart grieves for them.....i pray that God will intervene in their hearts and that their eyes will be opened to the truth.