Saturday, June 20, 2009

Early Father's Day Treat

so here it is in all of it's glory........the first of 12 father's day fast food treats!!!

i will admit that this one was done by me. the sydster is doing all the rest as i type this out. my dad and mom decided to drop by for few minutes today and since we won't see them tomorrow...i decided to give him one today!

it was a fairly easy project, but i learned that i really need a tip in my bags to make the icing turn out looking like lettuce and piped on the right way. but it still looked adorable and i am fairly certain that my dad left our house on a complete sugar high!

and another my bad............these were suppose to be a suprise for thad tomorrow, but he saw the website pulled up and knew what we were doing. oh well................he will get to eat his tomorrow and pretend that it is the first time he has seen them. he he.

another successful mother/daughter project completed!!!


Teresa said...

LOVE IT!!!! You guys did an amazing job! :)