Saturday, June 13, 2009

so grown up!

claire's......excited and ready to get her ears pierced

the chair

still excited

now the anxiety is kicking in

find the placement

reassurance from the bff

the moment grown up

the day finally arrived when syd decided that she was finally old enough to get her ears pierced. she is nine and a half. i had always told her that she could not get them pierced until she was 10 years old and responsible enough to take care of cleaning them everyday. at one point there was talk of her going with all of her cousins to get them done, but they all got their's done much earlier, so we waited until the right time.

in first grade there was some talk of piercing, but that was all forgotten when she watched "parent trap" one afternoon and saw how much it hurt for the character to get her ears pierced by a needle at camp! as the years went by more and more of her friends were getting theirs pierced and she would talk about it, but was still not ready. but when her bff got hers pierced, that was it, she could not wait anymore. i told her that i would take her as soon as school was out and that could be her year end "good report card" gift.

the day of the big event we picked up the bff and went to see hannah montana the movie and laughed and giggled and sang along. then we headed to claire's to pick out the perfect pair of earrings. she was suprisingly calm and excited about getting it done. she looked at the dangly earrings, dreaming of the day when she could wear sparklies and be completely girly, girly.

then came her chance to sit in the chair. she popped right in. smiles everywhere. then a little anxiety hit, that is when the bff reached out and took her hand to reassure her that it would all be okay. i was just there to take pictures apparently. she did not even flinch, blink her eyes or well up at all. she was so brave. her ears did not even turn red! it was just like any other day in the life of syd, except now she had something sparkly in her ears. it did not even feel that weird she said and she slept on them with no problems. she cleaned them without getting queasy, like me. she made herself a calender with six weeks on it, so that she could make sure that she was cleaning them enough. i don't even need to remind her!

i guess she is all grown up now, no more baby, just a sweet girl.