Wednesday, February 11, 2009

when mommy wins


clean cut

i love it when mommies when their battles. this kid has a serious aversion to getting his haircut. i have been battling him for about 2 months to go in and get it cut. but if you want to know the whole truth, i was not quite ready to let it go either. he looked so adorable in his surfer dude hair and it fits his personality so well. but when he started to shake his head to get the hair out of his eyes...i knew it was time. and frankly he looks just as good with the clean cut look too!


Tami said...

Well you know I am a fan of the crazy hair :) The new cut looks good on him.

Teresa said...

Wow! He looks great....he is adorable with both styles, but I think the "clean cut" makes him look older. :) Way to go mommy!