Wednesday, February 04, 2009


i love LOST. I pretty much love every tv show that jj abrams has done so far! i even liked what about brian (anyone remember that one),plus alias and now fringe. i think the thing with his shows is that not only are they highly suspenseful, but they have strong relational qualities. for me lost is all about the characters; their interconnectivity and their redemption.
i am glad that we are finally in the "answer" phase of the show because for years we have been introduced to new characters, new questions and now we get to sit back and watch for the two next years as it all unravels. i know that the producers are clear cut on the direction that they are ending the show and are pushing forward with it. but i will be happier if somehow, we miracously find jin alive this season, it could happen it is the island.
i really loved last weeks episode, i thought it was fantastic. you knew that they would have to show widmore on the island at some point! they have given us clues all along that this would happen and we finally got to see it. now we will see if i can stay up for tonights episode after being gone all day! lol. i am fairly certain that charlotte is going to survive and at some point we will discover that all of the scientists were on the island before!! but i will have to keep watching and guessing!


imacootie said...

Did you see who is miraculously alive??? Yeah! I'm loving this season too, but I still get just as confused.