Monday, February 09, 2009

The New....

I just had to blog about this real quick. I have to say that Target is one of my favorite stores to shop at. I love the store, I love the deals I can find and I love their fun ads. But they have really nailed the whole "economic" crisis and reached out to consumers as they are struggling with this recession.

Their new ad campaign, "the new"..........features a family on the cover of their ad this week and the header reads "the new family movie night." Then they went on to feature movies, pop, candy all on sale this week. I thought it was super clever and unique to our climate today. But then last night I was watching the grammy's and they had a ad on tv for this new campaign....the new dog groomer (with a woman washing her own dog) the new manicure (with a husband painting his wife's nails) the new nightclub (featuring a bunch of people playing a wii) and the new vacation glow (womens skin bronzer)!

Seriously GENIUS!!!!!

If you had not noticed most retailers "claim" to be running some steep discounts to help consumers, but no one has quite promoted it like target! We as a culture really need to rethink what we do on a daily basis. It is not all about going and doing and should be working within our budgets and within our families! It is not even that they are running things at deep discounts, but they definately caught my eye with this campaign.

Great Job Target


Teresa said...

I saw this ad a week or so ago and was feeling the same way that you do....that is one smart ad!!!! They really did make living on a budget and living more creatively look fun and cool and hip...good one for the ad people at Target! :)