Thursday, February 12, 2009


i have got the ick. i have been sick since sunday with a major head cold and sore throat and sinus junk and well..........i am sick of being sick. i have had some little colds this year and actually a couple of stomach bugs. i usually don't get the stomach bugs, maybe once a year but nothing really major. i know that i am more sick this year than i have been only because of my exposure levels at work and that next year will be better. i even started this year off with drinking airborne and emergen-c at least once or twice a week, just to build my immunity.

but this cold that i have now, it is by far the worst. i had the worst sore throat of my adult life for a 24hr period, i felt like a whiney, crying two year old, but (damn) it hurt! so i finally moved beyond that and now it is all stuck in my head. i feel like i have been buried under a mountain of sand, my eyes are burning, my nose is running and this morning i had the hacking cough. yummo! you know i don't feel good when my kitchen is a disaster. i cannot stand for my kitchen to be dirty and let me tell you about the pile of dishes in my sink, on my counter and well everywhere else! lol.

so now i am going to go put my head into some steam and try and steam fry the "ick" out of my head and see if that helps! i just wanted you all to feel sorry for me. lol. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........