Tuesday, February 03, 2009

good news

so today i was asked to pick up another 2 hours at work, which takes me up to 6 hours a day! which also means that my credit card will be payed off that much faster! hurray! i think it is going to be an okay transition because i am already used to 4 hours, but that means that my afternoon workouts are now relegated to either 5am or sometime in the evening (which really means they won't happen). i am happy that i get to go back to the classroom that i worked in this fall and i love my teacher i work with (i had to say that cuz she reads my blog now... LOL :)

but seriously, God has provided for me this year and i feel like i am moving in His direction, not my own. i am thankful for a way to get rid of our debt and do something that i absolutely love!!! unfortunately this week is also jam packed and i will be gone every night, so i am sure that by friday evening i will be ready to crash in front of the tv!

because it was a last minute decision, meaning i found out on tuesday and started on wednesday i am not fully prepared with all the groceries that i need. thank goodness i don't cook real meals on wed/thur because sometimes cooking can just take it right out of us women?? i am looking forward to the rest of the week...it will be a good one.


imacootie said...

Thats great news, congrats! I think 6hrs a day would be perfect. Hopefully i'll get to that too. Let me know how it goes, I have had trouble getting into a routine just being out of the house working 3hrs. haha.