Thursday, February 12, 2009


last night was a brilliant episode of lost, as it trudges through the answer phase of the show, it still raises questions and leaves you longing for more answers. There were so many aspects of last nights show that i loved, like when Jin and Sawyer hugged (seriously great), seeing danielle when she was young, Sun finding out that Jin is still alive, Desmond showing up at the church.....but my favorite moments were of Locke down at the bottom of the well.

his legs injured yet again. this man of faith again questioning why is this happening to him. where does he go from here. his ultimate decision to become a sacrifice. his knowledge that if he goes back, he will die. his asking for help, so like the old john, but in being denied that help he once again became the strong, able john locke that had found his place on this island. as he grips the wall you see his determination, as he struggles forward you see him become the john locke of faith, you see his scared look as he sees the wheel, knowing that he will die, he still moves forward to take the wheel, to carry the burden of the island, to become the sacrifice for all.

as we have seen in this show time and again, there is a spiritual reference. there is scripture for john locke, where their is science for jack shepard. who knows what the producers and writers are really trying to convey, but last night they really showcased what could be seen as Jesus's struggle in the garden, His journey to the cross, His ultimate sacrifice. I know that this is stretching it some, but it was beautifully written and acted. Terry O'Quinn you deserve awards for this show......Brilliant!!!