Sunday, February 22, 2009

great mommy moment

yesterday we were driving to syd's upward game and i heard a thunk in the back
and a stuffed up little voice exclaim: "oh sh_t!!!"
i whip my head around and glare..............
mom: "what did you just say?"
syd: " what?"
mom: "did you just say a bad word?"
syd: "what do you think i said"
mom: "did you just say sh_t?"
syd: "no, i said shoot"
mom: "oh, okay just checking"
syd: "what is sh_t?"
mom: "it is a swear word for poo"
noah: "what is sh_t, sh_t, sh_t?"
i love it when i teach them bad words. lol. of course noah my experimental child says it over and over. syd just starts yelling at him that he is going to get in trouble for saying a bad word. apparently i have never said this word around them before. trust me, in my head i have said this word many, many, many times when they are fighting or i am driving, but apparently i exercies good judgement and did not actually use the word. i say a lot of craps and freakin' but i guess i just don't swear. oh wait, maybe this is a good mommy moment!