Thursday, February 12, 2009

one more thing

did anyone else notice that last night jack was wearing a very similiar suit and almost spot on tie to the opening scene is season 1??????? the shows creators have always said that their is something crucial in the first 10 seconds of the opening that we have missed...could it be that this is jack getting back to the island??

just a thought. hey, i am home, sick remember. i have nothing else to do except sleep a lot and watch tv. not enough energy to actually clean my house, but i can sit at a computer and blog. or maybe i am so deep into the snot filled headache that i am seeing things on lost that are not there. lol. either way, just my two cents worth.


Bree said...

huh? I guess I need to watch it today and see what you are talking about. I don't know how the opening scene and now would go together?

Rochelle said...

there is a theory out there that when jack wakes up in the beginning of the show that he is actually waking up after returning to the island. they claim that when he looks around the first time he does not see wreckage, but then suddenly he sees it. just a totally out there theory, but then i thought the suit thing was interesting. you never know with lost! i guess we have one more full season to get to the bottom of it all.