Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

this is my date for the evening???? sad, but true. my kids are gone, my husband is working at upward all night and i am stuck at my house with a dog. at least he was excited to see me. lol. i had thought it would be a perfect evening to go to a movie, but then thought it might be a touch pathetic going by myself when it was valentines day. so i decided to stay home and rent some movies. still pathetic, but quiet! i ate my microwave meal and watched my movies and fell asleep on the couch (hey, i am still sick). pathetic, i know. but tomorrow we will go out to dinner without children and make up for today. so hope everyone else enjoyed their evenings! at least i had the dog, right? i know, pathetic....pathetic.


Amy said...

At least he's really cute!! Besides, going the day after requires much less patience for the long lines and waits!! Glad yoi are starting to feel better!!