Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Winter Wonderland

our house saturday afternoon -early before there was a lot of snow

the bench in our courtyard - saturday

the bench in our courtyard - late monday

monday - that is alot of snow and ice!

the tree out front with 1/2 inch of ice then fresh snow on top

you cannot tell where the yard begins and the tree mound ends

This snow storm that we had this year has been the worst that I can remember. I don't know if I have ever seen this much snow on the ground in the valley. We were pummeled with snow on saturday, about 7 inches in total. Enough for us to really enjoy the snow and build an igloo. But that night it turned to freezing rain which covered the snow with about a 1/2 inch of ice. The trees started bending and snapping with all the weight. The news of course kept getting our forecast wrong for our town, so we kept expecting a warm up to happen and it has not yet. The real exciting stuff happened yesterday, when we were suppose to warm up to about 40 degrees, we ended up getting another 6 inches of snow and stayed below freezing all day! It was so beautiful outside, it snowed all day long again. We took the kids to their birthday lunches at Red Robin and shopped a little at the mall. As we hopped on I-5 we ran into about 25 cars along the side of the road stopped, putting chains on! Tons of trucks too. It was amazing. We were lucky that we were in our jeep, which does an amazing job in the snow and ice. Of course I "suggested" that we stop at starbucks to get a coffee as well, hello eggnog latte, my little lover....I have missed you. I still need to get a pix of the house after yesterdays storm, just to compare. You could not even see our Christmas lights last night, they were completely covered in snow. It really has been a winter storm like no other! Amazing and Beautiful!


Teresa said...

Those are some great pictures, they really do a good job showing the before and after!!! I agree that this is the biggest snow fall and the longest stretch that I can recall!!! but i am still loving it!!! :) Looks like we really will have a white Christmas! :)

Amy said...

Did you get your Starbucks?? It is totally warm and toasty coffee weather. We have an accumulation of 15 inches of snow and ice here. Total craziness!