Monday, December 22, 2008

Lil' Visitor from the North

Wally's Back! This year it has really been tough for wally, what with all the snow and ice he has really had a hard time making it back to the north pole to report on kid's behavior. When he first joined us the day after Thanksgiving, he would leave every night and pop up the next morning in a different spot. In fact one morning he was sitting on the kitchen table waiting to hear good girl and boy requests, but when the table was bumped he fell right off his perch which is never good because as kids you cannot touch wally or his magic will leave. So sydnie found some paper and managed to get wally upright without touching him and even put his hat back on. But noah, afraid that the magic would now leave, decided to knock wally over again. So begins the saga of wally not moving very often. At first it was a night here or a night there....the kids would search for him in the morning and be so dissappointed when he was still on the same perch. I asked if they had touched him or could it be because of the ice and snow that he could not get through to the north pole? The agreed it must be because of the ice, because they have been good little girls and boys. But this week wally has been stuck out in the living room, away from mommy's thoughts and well, he has been in the same spot for quite awhile. Maybe santa will bring some extra heavy duty gear and pull him out from under all the snow and ice tonight, I guess we will have to find out in the morning.


Teresa said...

This is a wonderful tradition that your kids will remember FOREVER! Thanks for letting us in on the fun too :)