Monday, December 01, 2008

a good boy story

It is a monday and I needed a good boy story to post:

Noah came running in the bathroom fake crying and of course I fell right into the trap.....

N: "mom, Sydnie kicked me out of her room!"
M: "well you need to respect her privacy in the mornings, wait what happened?"
N: "I FARTED IN HER FACE!!!!" hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha wawahahahahahaha
M: "well no wonder she kicked you out, that is just gross!"

I love boys! seriously no girl would ever do that and laugh about it.


imacootie said...

Thats pretty funny! Girls around this house might do that and laugh...ugh. They think farts are pretty funny in this house. Oh joy.

Anonymous said...

that is just funny!