Friday, December 12, 2008


This game of life, it is certainly a journey. When I decided to stay at home with my kids, many years ago, I knew that we would be giving up many things but that it would bring with it many great treasures that could never be bought. I am thankful that I made that decision almost 9 years ago, but I am also thankful that I am in the season of my life that I get to go back to work. I am not a stay at home mom type of person, I need to be busy and active and frankly I am much more productive if I am working. I found myself over the last couple of years saying I can get that done later and then it would never happen...things like housework, laundry and organization. But now if I don't get it done right then, it literally won't get done. My house is cleaner, my energy level is higher and I feel like my brain is just functioning better.

But the biggest change has really been in my children. All these years I thought, they will respect me because I stayed home with them....I cherished them, gave of myself, was there for their every little need. Well, that was a mentality that my mom had instilled in me and I know now that they respect me even more that I do work. They are more apt to help out, they understand that I have a job to do on top of taking care of them and they are proud of me. It helps that I work at their school, I think. They get to see me, but they also know that I am there for them if something happens.

They don't fight me as much in the mornings, they get their lunches ready and they generally get themselves up and ready. They come home, do their homework and their chores and we have family time together. I can just feel that their attitudes have changed. It might have been that serious talk I had with them about how I have responsibilities and I need to be there on time and not miss work just because. It has really helped syd see that just because you have had a rough morning or you don't feel like doing something, does not mean that you can just not do it. I think that overall this experience will change them, mold them, make them into stronger little people with integrity and respect.

Like I said I would never take back the years I had at home with them I just know that this experience will better all of us. So no disrespect to the SAHM's or the working moms out there. Just a thought that is happening in my life right now.


Char said...

I really enjoyed reading your post!! Thanks for sharing that!!