Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cascade Grill

Grand Opening Tonight!

Located in Albany
Great Food
Great Atmosphere
On sunday night we ventured out in our sickly state to visit the new restaurant that my SIL's parents are opening. It was a friends and family night and a chance for the wait staff to get their feet wet. It was decorated great, all because my SIL devoted countless hours and exerted much of her will to make this place something different than albany has ever seen. It is painted in warm tones with dark wood accents and these great pieces of iron work hanging in between all the window spaces. The bar has its own unique theme which is pictures of all these old westerns, butch cassidy and the sundance kid, clint eastwood. Simple frames but very strong and inviting. I know that when the project first started Jenn's dad wanted to do cowboy stuff everywhere...but when you have a daughter with excellent taste and you bring her in to help, it gets done her way. lol. It was a great night and it was a great meal. Thad and I watched little luke for jenn and ryen hung out with my kids and my parents. But tonight is their grand opening and they are nervous and excited. They have had people stopping by everyday to eat, so I think they were expecting a crowd tonight. Hopefully all goes well and it is huge success.