Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Christmas Morning

new pajamas!

Christmas comes early to our house each year, we always open gifts with our kids on Christmas eve morning, so that we have an opportunity to just be alone with them and open. Let's just say that this year was a wii year for us. Lots of new games, 5 to be honest, but we got them for such good deals and these games were top on their list. we opened mario kart and pajamas the night before, which we had bought extra wheels for so that made it even more fun. noah got lego batman and lego indiana jones (to go with his lego star wars that he got for his bday). sydnie got hsm sing it and disney sing it, so that her and i can sing our little hearts out!!!

i am pretty sure that this face is about this.....

his source of begging and pleading for the last several months

her life is now complete. she kept pecking me
with it saying "raising kids is like being
pecked to death by a chicken" I guess she
literally wants that to happen to me.

noah also got a knex set that i bought last year after and he saw it and kept asking me who it was for. sydnie got her nick jonas tshirt and a chicken webkinz, because you can never have too many webkinz (25 and counting). But the best part was when they opened their stockings and both were more excited about getting their singing toothbrushes and club penguin one month membership than all their other gifts combined!!!

the kids got thad an OSU blanket and an OSU cell phone case, which he promptly told the kids that they could not touch his blanket and drag it all over the house to make forts with. the kids got me a cover for my new ipod and my "truly blessed" bracelet from fig. It was an excellent Christmas together and then we packed up and headed down to my parents house to spend the evening and then wake up and open presents with them.