Saturday, December 20, 2008

May the Force Be With You

His very own DS

My Young Padawan

Lots of Star Wars Toys

Make a Wish

Yoda Soda

Jabba's Slime aka Gak

Today was noah's 7th bday party. Of course it was a star wars theme, Clone Wars!!! Just like last year I was really not sure what to do with 13 first grade boys, they really just want to play and have absolutely no rules. lol. So we decided to have the boys come over and play for a while, then open presents, eat cake and watch the Clone Wars movie. Overall it went fine, had bring everyone down to watch the movie, because they basically just wanted to beat each other up. Noah got a lot of star wars stuff and of course his DS from Grandma. He was so happy to have his own system to play in the car, no more leapster for us. Noah had 3 boys spend the night, which was great because it was dumping snow, about 7 inches. There was no inside activities, it was all about the igloo making around here. Thad spent the better part of the evening outside with the boys building this amazing igloo.

I seriously don't think that their could be any cooler birthday party!! Who cares about cake and ice cream when you have a winter wonderland outside and you can build an igloo.