Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's a mom to do???

So it has been a couple of days of snow around here and I am definately starting to feel the need to do something else!!! The novelty of the snow and ice has worn off and the kids are starting to go a little house crazy themselves. I personally liked having a day of the fluffy stuff, when you could actually still play in it. I love coming in from outside all frozen and sitting down to a nice cup of hot cocoa and playing games or reading a good book, but that is all done now. I have gone through 3 books in as many days, I have cleaned my house, done laundry, made homecooked meals (even chocolate waffles w/whip cream) and we have even gone out and gotten a few errands done.

We ran to Michael's two separate times to buy crafts to make during our housebound spell, those are done!! Now What??? The kids have not even picked up the wii to play and I have suggested it many times in the past couple of days. Finally broke down and gave them a wii game that I had extra and did not know if I should return it or not, but that did not even hold their interest.

At least maybe there will be school tomorrow and we can get some type of routine back. I really hate for it to be a 3 week break, because we will certainly have to make it up on the back end. Plus it is noah's bday tomorrow and he really wants to bring snack into his class, poor little kid.