Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Look at the Camera!!!

A Family Photo Shoot Documentary

everyone smile for the camera!

someone else snuck in the family shoot, oh well she's cute

noah, you're not smiling, look at the camera!

oh no, here we go

grab his head and make him look!

i think i've got him. now everyone smile!

oh no, he's going down, hurry smile!

we've lost him. sydnie watch out!

should he be doing that?
Ooooo, the family photo shoots! love them, especially when I have an almost 7 year old who has been doing this "i am allergic to the flash" routine for almost a year now. So everytime you go to snap a photo he closes his eyes or gives you a mad, pouty face. But it is fun to show how much effort one itty, bitty single not so good picture took. and poor little ryen was dying to be in our picture, she looked like noah over on the side pouting and head down until we said get in one of the pictures. I wonder why I don't have many family shots, this is why.