Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Party Like a Rock Star

Started the day with some guitar pancakes!
Working the red carpet, which was
decked out with all the girls names on it

the three amigos

disney sing it....so serious

she's nine!!!!

guitar hero....rock on!

competitions!! they were both rocking out to the music

Girls Rock Tshirt Designs
Pink Tower of Power
make a wish......

blow out the candles!!
Syd had a great bday party this year and it will be her last big one!!! She had about 8 girls come over all decked out in their finest rock gear. When they arrived the papparazzi was their to shoot them as they walked on the red carpet! We played a little sing it, which took some coaxing from everyone to get them all up there and singing. A couple of girls opted out, but everyone had fun. The best part was watching my dad, who was fascinated that they knew the words to all of the songs. They all sang along, wether they got up and used the mic or not. Then we broke out the real rock, guitar hero! Everyone got at least one turn.....some of them were really good and of the 8 that were there, 6 of them owned guitar hero. Syd loved her gifts and was really excited to get a gift card to her favorite clothing store.....limited too. Then we brought out the GIRLS ROCK! t-shirts that we had made and the girls were able to color and apply puffy paint and sign each others shirts. I am fairly certain that they all really loved this part, they are girls of course they love to craft. Then we did a video shoot to Fabulous and I am hoping to get it edited and pass them out as thank you's to all of the girls. After most of her guests left, the three that were staying the night all hooked up their DS's and played together, ate pizza and watched a movie. It was a blast.