Thursday, June 05, 2008

this one

she makes me laugh so hard. she has an amazing heart and spirit. she is so mature. she is a total rock star. she loves her new flip flops with guitars on them. she loves her new tank top with guitars on it. she wore them both to school yesterday. she looked like a rock star. she loves to ride her bike at top speed. she likes to ride one handed. she loves to read. she has a book club with her teacher, who can finish a book the fastest. she wants to read harry potter this summer. she is an amazing artist. she is a little mother. she is looking forward to summer break, but dreading not seeing her friends everyday. she is a hard worker. she loves to work out on the wii fit. she is totally into yoga right now. she is just the coolest little kid. she is going to be a third grader. she is looking forward to school already. she has grown so much this year. she has lost her little girlness and is now a girl. she rocks my world. she has a tender heart and a spirit of giving to others. she is amazing.