Monday, June 30, 2008

Edward Cullen

Nuff' Said
and just because i have not posted about my favorites books in a while, not since teresa admitted defeat! ha ha. we are about a month away from book 4 release and i am counting the days until then. I know where I will be on that day......reading! anyone else that i can get addicted to them? I stopped rereading after twilight, I think it is time to get back into book new moon and eclipse.
I just started Harry Potter with Sydnie, she has really enjoyed it so far. I have spent a fair amount of time explaining that magic is not real and that is total make believe. She totally gets it. She is the solid, the one that knows what is right and wrong. I am not worried that she will delve into the dark side! ha ha. I am glad that she is enjoying it, because I think they are well written, imaginative books. I know that so many "church-going" people are opposed to them, but first you need to read them to know and understand what all the fuss is about and make an informed decision for your family. I read all the Harry Potter books and could not put them down.
Anyway this post has gotten off track...........think vampires and werewolves. Think a great love story. Think mystery and what is up with Bella? I know that all my questions will be answered in the next month!


Teresa said...

I do really hope and pray that the final book will answer my questions and will be a wonderful conclusion! I hate when the final book does not wrap it all up. I don't think Edward looks all that cute (or at least not as cute as he is in my head) in the one movie preview but the picture you have here is pretty now we will have to wait and see! :)