Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Season

it's a's a's a bored tball player!

These pictures pretty much sum up the tball season for us. I know that he loved playing ball, but he is definately not babe ruth. He loves getting the uniform on and being out on the field. He loved to play catcher this year, because it actually engaged him. He was pretty bored out in the outfield, not a lot to do. By the end of the season he was falling down out in the field, not paying attention and messing with the other team when they slid into 2nd. This series of pictures is from his last you think he looks like he is ready for the season to end? ha ha.


Teresa said...

I LOVE it! Softball is my sport and so this is all to familiar! :) I remember the "boring" outfield and really do understand why he is laying down! :) Love the pics!