Monday, June 02, 2008

most importantly

the mothership was calling me home! Starbucks! I made Thad drive me by so I could snap this pix. I had not seen this building before, so it was fun. The kids loved it too. It has been several years since I have been in seattle. I used to love to come up and hang out downtown. I love this city.
The thing that struck me as funny: you are driving along the freeway you see the signs that call out food at the next stop and on almost every sign there was a starbucks logo! The closer you got to seattle the more frequently we saw them. Is that technically food? Now we love our coffee here in the northwest, but oregon is not to the point of having a coffee house loaded on our freeway signs. it just struck me as funny and cute, because believe me after 8 hours in the car, I was dying for some coffee! more stories and pictures to come of our road trip yesterday.


Teresa said...

I LOVE it!!! I love that you call it the mother ship as I have a very similar feeling for it!!!! :) Hope you had a blast!

Unknown said...

yes, you have issues. but did u stop in at the original nude mermaid?

Rochelle said...

i had been by the old building before when i had starbucks twice a day and my body could handle the calories! ha ha. i guess i don't remember what it looked like....that was before starbucks was on every corner.