Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Coconut Shrimp Appetizer: $9.95
2 Henry's Rootbeers: $6.00
2 Cesear Salads: $15.90
Stuffed Salmon Entree: $28.95
Macadamia Halibut Entree: $28.95
Triple Berry Cobbler: $7.95
Mocha Creme Brulee: $6.75

Dinner @ Jakes: Free

An evening alone with my husband, in portland, walking thru the Pearl District: Priceless

A seriously perfect evening out. Amazing food. Amazing conversations. Amazing to be able to get dressed up and not have a little hand wipe food all over you! We had a great time remembering all the good times we used to have in pdx. walking around on 23rd. when we left the pearl was just becoming what it is today! but to visit it i would live there in a heartbeat. i love that everyone was riding bikes. saw the cutest little pizza delivery bike with this "wooden wagon" behind for carrying the pizza's. After thad and i were married we would go to a new restaurant every month. something different and new. I miss those days.

It was a great evening out. It has been quite awhile since I have been to Jake's. Perfect food everytime. Obviously the best part was being able to go and order anything we wanted and not worrying about the cost: It was a free meal on his company!!! The creme brulee was to die for! I would go there everyday and just order the creme brulee, my all time favorite desert! Not a regular on the menu, but they "let" me have some! (wink wink) literally on the receipt is says "Rj says it's okay".

It was nice to be alone with my husband, pretending to be grown ups. ha ha. Just the two of us. Having conversations about family and life. Good memories.


Teresa said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL evening with your hubby!! I love when you said "pretending to be grown ups" because I feel that way ALL the time....I wonder when you actually start feeling like a grown up or does everyone younger just start looking like children :)