Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Knight in Shining Armor

As I was driving the kids to VBS this morning we were blaring our favorite man.......Tim McGraw. The kids are super bummed cuz they want to go to his concert tonight, but, well cannot afford to go. So I was listening to KUPL and they told the story about last night's concert in Auburn where this burly cowboy was in the front row giving a girl next him a hard time and that Tim saves the day by pulling the guy on stage and kicking him out....even at one point pulls him arm back to take a swing at the guy who is not behaving still! AHHHHHHHH...............then I found the vid online, the one I embedded is not the best one, but you can still see the almost fight.And I love how he just gets right back to business as soon as the guy is gone. But seriously. Doesn't every woman want a man to rescue her? And that hot black tank top and tight jeans..........well, nuff said there. It is only 10am.