Friday, June 13, 2008

So Far

it is that time of year again, the time when every mother cringes with anticipation

when does the fighting start? When does the i'm bored start?

As I write this post my kids are having their first official knock down drag out fight! Not too bad. They waited for the third day, which lulled me into thinking that we would be okay. The first day off of school it was pretty much do as you please. lots of computer, wii and nintendo ds. Yesterday morning we all were headed out the door to go to the gym, when I realized that my keys were locked in the workout for me. So yesterday consisted of three bike rides. one to the school park, one to visit friends in the neighborhood and one to the neighborhood park. Not a bad day at all. I even got to take a nap.

Now we come to the real reason my sanity will be taking a nose dive this kids are absolutely exhausted and they refuse to sleep in!! They have been up till 10pm for a couple of nights in a row, except for last night. I even shut their doors so they would not be woke up by the light, but as soon as they hear thad in the shower (5:50am) they are up and ready to go!!!! Which makes it really hard for them to stay up late in the summer, but if they are going to be cranky and fight all day then forget it. I loved staying up late in the summer, riding bikes and playing outside until the light faded! So except for drugging them I am not really sure what to do! any suggestions anyone? I try to run them ragged, hoping they will sleep in, which they don't and it only makes them more tired. I really want them to experience the fun and not have to go to bed at 8:30! But I cannot deal with cranky, unhappy children for 3 months!


Sanctification said...

OH MY gosh! I'm going crazy over here for the same reason! Though for me the good part only lasted the first half of the first day. They were so happy to have each other to play with, then poof, tattling, whining, fighting, calling names too! Wow. It was a bad week. I needed a break today and I got one. :)

I started cracking down and putting them to work around the house. I mean, after all, playing on their own just wasn't satisfactory.... :)