Monday, June 02, 2008

The Game

what a cool stadium. i wish it had started to rain to see the roof close up.
he was very excited to see a professional team play, although he watched sydnie play her ds for most of it.
i wish that i had a wide angle lens for this shot

they have a cool little museum inside the stadium. gould clan & jay buhner

he caught a ball at the game (wink wink)

this amazing baseball bat glass work when you walk in the stadium. sydnie wanted a pix of it.
look i was actually there too. finally a shot with me and the kids

not the best shot of the family, but i loved the angle and the sign in the background
The game was so much fun. the kids were excited to be there, but the game did not hold their attention for too long. the experience was great overall. we took off about 8:45am, made a few stops along the way, kids took a small nap before we hit seattle and then we had our sack lunches in the car. Once we got to the stadium, the kids were super excited and asked a bunch of questions and just had that look of awe on their faces. We had great seats, they were not box seats, but they were right behind home plate about 30 rows up. No fly balls came our way. We ended up leaving the game at the end of the 7th inning and going on to more adventures.........


Unknown said...

soooo much fun. I am really glad you guys got to go do that. The other pics of the window/mirror with the space needle in the bg were cool too!