Friday, June 06, 2008

Life saver

In the early spring I was given a gift card to Bath and Body Works as a thank u for being the "Upward Wife". It was super nice to get something for me and I could not wait to spend it. I went in that fateful day thinking I would buy some soaps...........but came out a changed woman. I looked around, "what to buy just for me?" I really wanted some type of "face" system that would help with my old woman skin! ha ha. but seriously, I had noticed quite a change in my skin in the last year and I was not really happy that it was getting blotchy and red!

So as I was looking at this stuff, the woman beside me tells me all about her experience, what she uses and how much.......and that she is in her 40's. I looked at this woman and was awestruck at how beautiful her skin was.......not a blemish, no blotchiness, no red! She did not even have make up on! I was sold. I started with the cleanser and also purchased the moisturizer. At the time that I bought it they were having a special on their Skin Regenerator that took it down from $150 to $30!! Of course they had run out and did not know when they would get it back in, so they gave me a little sample bottle. Within a week, my skin was shaped up and ready to be seen with no makeup! Something I had not done in some time. I finally was able to buy the regenerator for the special price...........and I will have to make it last! Next on my list is the eye de-puff gel, for those special mornings!

This stuff right here makes me happy! It makes me cry at how expensive it is, but I cherish the little dab I put on my face everyday.
This stuff is so yummy! I cannot wait to wash my face with this stuff and it is not that expensive!

This stuff really does add a brightness to a lackluster complexion! I love it. It is moderately priced, but it should last about 6-9 months!


imacootie said...

Cool thanks for the tip, i'll have to check it out. They are having a GREAT sale right now, wonder if any of its on sale? The plug-in refills are $5 right now, I stocked up!