Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the first taste of addiction

hello caffeine are you in there?

the sweet taste of a cinnamon dolche latte!

yesterday was a jam packed day, running at full speed and ended with my son's last t-ball game of the season. it was a "little bit cold" out at the ball field tonight, so i stopped at starbucks and got a coffee to take out to the field. it was so nice to have a hot drink in my hand, but before I knew it my daughter had swiped my drink and was begging me for a taste??? I told her that she could try it, but she would probably not like it. I was so confident of this fact, because she had tried coffee drinks before and did not like them. Let me tell you that sydnie's friend was there and she gets to drink decaff coffee drinks whenever she wants and has been telling syd how good they are! So as sydnie went to take her first drink, i fully expected her to spit it out. Instead I saw the look of pure happiness and a sweet smile and heard the words that every mother of an 8 year old who just drank coffee for the first time dreads:

I love it mom, it is so good! can I drink coffee all the time now?

UUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! WHAT??????? Now I am in a pickle. I see the venti quad shots coming very soon. she will have her own starbucks card. she will start calling corporate headquarters the mothership. she will have her own collection of starbucks mugs. she will be a starbucks addict.....oh no.......what have i created?

So much for mother of the year award.


imacootie said...

Thats funny!! Those are awesome pics too! Bryn has been swiping my coffee drinks forever, she loves the taste. Kaelyn and Garret still have no interest, they think it tastes gross.