Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What started it all..........

This movie is what started it all for me! I remember having this poster in my room and we would sit and pick out who we thought was the cutest and they rotated on a weekly basis. I think it always ponyboy for me! I still have my copy of the book, which I read over and over. A great book which made me love Robert Frost as well. I was much older of course than sydnie is, I was an 8th grader! ha ha. But the love of boys was still there. Of course there were bands that I loved and I remember being totally in love with Jason Bateman back then (Silver Spoons/The Hogan Family and now with Arrested Development). And Kirk Cameron, of course. The Tiger Beat magazine was my favorite and I would sit and stare at the covers and the pix of the boys I liked the best. My peechee was covered with pix of boys that I liked..so that they would be with me all day long. I think by the time I hit high school it was bands on the peechee! ha ha.

I love that this "thing" that girls do..........the feelings that boys invoke and the "who is cuteset" game does not change from generation to generation. Except that now you can google, facebook, myspace, blog, youtube..........anything your heart desires about the boy you think is cute. She claims that she is really not into boys, but all her little friends are and they obsessively talk about them, so I know that she is just embarrased to say anything. A mom from school told me that her son was obsessed with sydnie and he loves being around her. Maybe the boys start liking girls earlier and then it goes away for awhile, because she has always had some little boy that likes her.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane..............now I need to go google joe jonas, I mean get the kids breakfast! haha.